Storm season is upon us and your roof can experience damage in just a matter of minutes when heavy rain, hail or high winds come. Heavy rain and wind can damage shingles leaving them frail and susceptible to leaks which leads to further damage inside your attic and roof system. Hail can do significant damage leaving holes, cuts and fractures in shingles that prematurely age and damage your roof. Most people don’t realize that insurance companies often prefer to buy their homeowners a new roof because it is much cheaper than paying for interior damage later.

Don’t assume that your roof is fine after a storm simply because it appears intact. Most storm damage is typically not visible from the ground or to the untrained eye. Eco General Contractors will provide a complete inspection at no cost to you. Let us thoroughly inspect your roof system to determine if it is still working properly  and protecting your home.

If damage has occurred Eco General Contractors is here to help. You need a roofing professional on your side as you walk through the claims process with your insurance company. We will advise you of what is needed to restore your roof to fully protect your home, whether it is through a repair or a complete replacement. Our goal is to ensure you get the appropriate claim before you settle.

The Eco General Contractors team is understanding and quick to act during a stressful time such as this. We have licensed adjusters on staff that have extensive storm damage knowledge. 

If you are concerned about storm damage, call us today at 972-765-7768 to schedule a free digital roof analysis.