There are many fence options to choose from in different price ranges. We have been building and repairing fences of made of wood, wrought iron, brick, and chain link for years. Bamboo is among the most recent newcomers that is highly touted because it's considered environmentally friendly.  Call Eco General Contractors for a free fencing estimate today.


Landscaping ideas can bring practical elements, enhancing spaces and solving problems once you have your plants picked out. Eco General Contractors has strategies and ideas for professional landscaping to tackle nearly every size and shape of yard. We can assist with trees, plants, flowers, bushes, shrubs, mulch, or complete landscaping makeovers that can create an oasis in your space.


Patios are more than just pavers surrounded by plants. We consider the style of your home, materials and surroundings when designing your perfect backyard getaway.  Eco General Contractors can repair or create patios of flagstone, concrete, pavers, or stone of almost any color and style to suit your taste.


Our pergola projects are made to stand independent of the house, so you can either locate it right near your house, over your patio, or let it stand alone in the garden. Eco General Contractors can build, repair, or replace all sizes and shapes of pergolas to give you the perfect shady spot to sit on a lazy afternoon or a dry place to sit and listen to a gentle rain.